Item 2 Department Reports
Item 21 City Manager Report
0001 City of Mineola Water.MOV
Item 1 City Council Minutes 2021-08-23.pdf
Item 5 Appointments Parks and open spaces board for FY 2022.pdf
Item 6 Appointment of Marketing advisory board for FY 2022.pdf
Item 7 MEDC MEMO Board Appoint info 9 2021.pdf
Item 8 WCAD Board Nomination.pdf
Item 9 Car show october 30.pdf
Item 12 Budget Ordinance.pdf
Item 13 Memorandum Ratify Tax Rate.pdf
Item 14 Tax Rate Ordinance 2021.pdf
Item 15 44-29 water rates 2021.pdf
Item 16 44-76 sewer rates 2021.pdf
Item 17 44 Master Meter Rates.pdf
Item 18 Interlocal Emergency Mgmt Plan.pdf
Item 19 Interlocal Fire Marshal.pdf
Item 20 Interlocal Animal Control.pdf