Department Reports
Finance Reports
Item 1 City Council Minutes 2022-01-24.pdf
Item 3 Investment.pdf
Item 4 Department Reports.pdf
Item 5 Racial Profile Report.pdf
Item 6 Texas Subdivision and Special District Election and Release Form.pdf
Item 7 ENDO TX Subdivision Release Form (for website).pdf
Item 9 Specific Use Permit Landers_Revelle.pdf
Item 11 Specific Use Permit Read St.pdf
Item 13 Specific Use Permit Kings Lane.pdf
Item 14 Subdivision Meadowbrook.pdf
Item 15 Subdivision Loop 564.pdf
Item 16 Replat Hart St.pdf
Item 17 Calendar-CO and GO Mineola 2022.pdf
Item 17 MINEOLA COs 2022 - INTENT RES(109038935.2).pdf
Item 18 Bid Acceptance MN.162 WWTP Improvements.pdf